Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silk Mark regisetered with Trade Marks Authority of India

An application was filed with Trade Marks Authority of India to register the Silk Mark Logo as a trade mark. The process of registration has taken more than two years and the certificate was issued to SMOI office recently. After this registration, the Silk Mark logo is protected by the Trade Marks Act and any infringement by anyone will invite legal action by SMOI.

The Silk Mark logo henceforth will be used with the ® on the upper right hand side of the logo. The modified logo in colour, black and white and with the CMYK color value can be downloaded from the following link

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fifth AGM successfully completed

Fifth AGM successfully completed
The fifth AGM of the Silk Mark Organisation of India was held on 18th Dec 2008 at the Hotel Atria, No. 1, Palace Road, Bangalore. The event was unique in few respects. This is the first AGM for the Chairperson after she took over the post in January 2008. The event was attended by Smt. R. Jaya, Director of Handlooms and Textiles, Tamil Nadu.

The AGM was so timed to coincide with the Silk Mark Expo, Bangalore, that the exhibitors from across the country could participate in AGM. These participants would otherwise not get an opportunity to participate in AGM, which has been always held in Bangalore.

The meet was attended by seventy five members, who have come from different parts of the country. The majority of them have from Bangalore itself and few members had traveled from distance parts of Tamil Nadu to attend the meet. The rest of the participants had come from the Silk Mark Expo, which was underway on that day.

The programme started with the traditional invocation song and was followed with the welcome address by Shri. K.S. Gopal, Scientist 'C'. Shri K.S.Menon, Chief Executive, SMOI made a detailed presentation about various activities of Silk Mark. He shared the experiences of conducting the Silk Mark Expo during 2008-09 at Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Guwahati and the conduct of the ongoing eleven Expos at different places during 2008-09. The events are being organized on a self sustaining basis.

Smt. R.Jaya, Director of Handlooms and Textiles, Tamil Nadu, spoke about the need for broad basing the quality mark and extend the quality marking to Zari also. She mentioned that the issue of the purity of Zari is major point of contention between various manufacturers, traders and retailers and the public is often the victim of the lack of standards. Smt. M.Sathiyavathy, Chairperson, mentioned that Silk Mark would intensify the media campaign with some more funds allocated from Central Silk Board.

The Audited accounts of SMOI was adopted by the members present in the AGM by clapping of hands. M/s. Sridhar and Brito was appointed to continue as auditor for 2008-09 by the AGM.

Shri. V.Ramesh, Executive, Chennai chapter conducted the proceedings of the election of members for the Committee of Administration (COA). He announced the elected members for the two categories ie Special and Ordinary. Interestingly all the sitting members were reelected on an unanimous basis without any competition. The Directorate of Handlooms and Textiles, Tamil Nadu was co-opted as permanent member of the society after the approval by the AGM in place of KSIC. The complete list of permanent, special and ordinary members of the COA is presented in the list.
The Authorised Users were invited to share their experience with Silk Mark. One of the participant requested that the Silk Mark Expos be extended to seven days. Another Authorised User expressed that for the Silk industry to flourish the standards for colour fastness should improve.
Shri. Subramanya , COA elected member complemented the efforts of Silk Mark and suggested that the awareness about Silk Mark should be increased through massive publicity.
Shri. Pranay Kumar, APO, made the vote of thanks and the meeting ended with a sumptuous lunch.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Silk Mark AGM

Silk Mark AGM is scheduled to be held on 18/12/08 at 11.00 am at The Atria Hotel, Chancery hall, Palace road, Bangalore

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Silk Mark in Google adwords

As we are aware the Internet holds huge potential for marketing of products and 
services.The Silk industry has been utilising this media to the bare minimum extent
for the promotion. When we build the web site and place it in the net, it is open for the 
whole world to have a look at it with out the limitations of the national boundaries.
The cost of developing and maintaining the web sites are incredibly less, 
when compared to the advertisements in traditional medium like T.V, News papers etc.

The Silk Mark web site : has been there in the internet for last
four years. The average visit to the web site at the initial stages were around 30. 
The same improved to more than 40 during last year.

Recently, exactly from September, we took up the effort to increase the number of hits in association with Google, the
market leader in search engine. The concept is called Google adwords and is explained below.

When the user searches for a particular word or a phrase he or she enters in the space provided 
for it and clicks the button for google search. A large number of results are displayed and this runs into sometimes in hundreds
of pages. User normally looks into the results of the top most listing. There is no preference in the
search engine for any of the website. The ranking changes frequently and can not be predicted.
By taking up this google adwords it is guaranteed that the website will be listed in the top
most listing or will be placed in the sponsored listing, which is again placed in the top of the 
first page of the listing. 

SMOI has taken up the adword marketing and we have provided a list of key words to google.
People will get Silk Mark website on the top of the page when they search for any of the key words.
If the person clicks on the web page an amount is deducted from our deposit. The cost per click 
right now varies from Rs. 4.00 to Rs. 7.00 and this depends on various criterion set by the Google.
By providing good combination of the key words we can attract more number of visitors to the website,
which is equal to providing hardcore education through direct one to one awareness programme.
As this happens all 24 hours of the day and 365 days of the year, the awareness level increases
phenomenally compared to all other traditional mode of publicity. The list of key words provided 
to google by us can be viewed from the link below :

Kindly go through the list and give your suggestion for effective use of the medium for Silk
Mark promotion.

Currently the hits have averaged closer to 100.

The advertisement program of the google can be learnt from the following link :

The statistics of the web site hits are shown below :

Country wise :
India5777 (51.12%)
Australia2133 (18.87%)
Unknown1633 (14.45%)
United States862 (7.63%)
United Kingdom261 (2.31%)
Canada126 (1.11%)
France117 (1.04%)
Germany62 (0.55%)
Spain57 (0.50%)
Singapore54 (0.48%)
Italy49 (0.43%)
China46 (0.41%)
Norway42 (0.37%)
Netherlands42 (0.37%)
Switzerland40 (0.35%)

Bangalore- Silk Mark Ad Group Report | 17 Nov 2008 - 23 Nov 2008 Close Report
CAMPAIGNS: Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) | AD GROUPS: All | ADWORDS TYPE: All  
Campaign Ad Group Impressions Clicks Cost
Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) silk care 159 2 11.67
Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) silk mark expo 2008 71 4 8.15
Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) silk covers 498 7 59.40
Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) silk manufacturer 119 3 14.17
Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) silk 12,968 178 1,144.42
Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) silk products 1,756 26 189.26
Bangalore- Silk Mark(27.8.08) silk material 2,286 65 418.03
Totals and Overall Averages: 17,857 285 1,845.10

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Change in web service provider

After assessing the changing requirements for the Silk Mark website - and the email server, it has been decided to shift the service provider.

The new service will have a web server space of 5 GB and the same website name and email ids will continue. The new server ( yahoo server)  provides several additional features. It may take one week time frame  for the change over.

Kindly bear with me for a new improved service.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Silk Mark in Google adwords

Silk Mark website has shown increase in the average number of hits. This is due to the recent publicity campaign started in the net through advertisement in google adwords.
The graph shows the web hits for the site :

The number of hits countywise is given below :

India4119 (52.23%)
Australia1284 (16.28%)
Unknown982 (12.45%)
United States723 (9.17%)
United Kingdom227 (2.88%)
Canada109 (1.38%)
France103 (1.31%)
Germany52 (0.66%)
Spain48 (0.61%)
Singapore44 (0.56%)
Italy42 (0.53%)
China42 (0.53%)
Netherlands38 (0.48%)
Switzerland38 (0.48%)
Norway36 (0.46%)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silk Mark discussion forum

Your Assurance of Pure Silk

Hi, Welcome to the Silk Mark blog! This will satisfy the requirements of the Silk Mark fraternity to know the events, programmes and other developments related to Silk Mark in particular and  other silk industry news in general . The Authorised Users and other stake holders can read and add comments to make  it a truly useful interaction forum.